SWASS Surfactant 5L


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SWASS is a concentrated surfactant blend, designed to be mixed with diluted Sodium Hypochlorite then used as a ‘House or Roof Wash Solution.’.

SWASS is easily Fragranced with our Citrus Fragrance Concentrate.

SWASS – is a concentrate Surfactant High Foam solution designed to blend with sanitizer solutions such as Sodium Hypochlorite for the designed purpose of House and Roof washing. Simply add SWASS to your alkaline sanitizer mixture to achieve vertical cling and excellent surface release capability on volume rinse.

SWASS is a PH neutral Surfactant Blend that is easily fragranced with our Citrus Fragrance Concentrate.

Dilution rates are common at 1000:1 making SWASS extremely economical and great value. 5L Concentrate can make up to 5000 Litres of Softwash Soap Solution.

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