Poly Softwash Tank100L


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Nominal size 745 x 330 x 580mmH
Constructed from translucent UV stabilised polyethylene
Large 255mmØ lid with labyrinth breather
Rectangular shape saves valuable floor space in utes and vans
The profiles of the different sizes match together in order to give a clean look when tanks are set up in combinations of two or more
The bottoms are raised so the contents of the the tank drain towards the gutter around the outside edge of the tank
Outlets can be fitted on any side of the tank.
Standard fittings are 19mm outlet and 12mm return, but other sizes are available on request.
4 x M10 threaded bosses allow easy and secure mounting of the tank (studs and nuts supplied)
A prominent litre marking decal is supplied with each tank

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Weight12 kg
Dimensions75 × 33 × 58 cm


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