NWC Softwash Skid 150L


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240v Compact Softwash Skid

Compact footprint only 1000mmx800mm + 20mm for slide out handles (removable)
Reaches up to 3 storeys. Can hit 4 storey eave with 2m extension lance
Lightweight (2 people can lift when empty)
Heavy duty alloy frame, stainless core hose reel with stainless swivel.
65m chem hose, gun, mosmatic gun swivel, long distance + fan tips included. Upgrade to 5/8 hose at no extra cost for more power, slightly less length on reel.

Pump controller means you can run the pump. Leave it for as long as you like off the trigger, then pick up the gun and start spraying again. No bypass issues or motors burning out being off trigger too long.
Easy to swap out pump. 4 bolts. Swap and re-tape fittings and away you go. Or return to store of purchase for service (charges apply)
Quality 150L batch tank with accurate measurement marker, makes batch mixing easy.

Easy to use flush or fill port. Simply connect your supply hose or water tank and away you go. Double check valve to remain compliant and safe.
3mm folded, welded and braced alloy frame.
Know exactly what % you’re spraying with simple batch maths.

Optional extra; mount it to the top of a box trailer (POA)
FREE standard installation onto tray/trailer.

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Weight67 kg
Dimensions90 × 100 × 55 cm


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