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Made by washers, for washers

NWC Housewash is a highly concentrated multi purpose soap/surfactant/degreaser.

Dilute 1:75 with water for most uses. Rate can be adjusted weaker as needed.

Spray on and allow time to work. Rinse with low pressure/high volume water. Ratio may be increased for heavy soiling but is generally not necessary. May be safely added to a 1.25% Sodium hypochlorite solution. Or directly into a draw bucket for use with venturi/x-jet/proportioners etc

Provides outstanding cling for SH and is great on all common soiling around homes and buildings including cobwebs, bug nests, dust/dirt, road grime, BBQ areas/grease and so on. It is best practice to avoid allowing solutions to dry on glass or metal surfaces and to test on inconspicuous spots first. Rinse thoroughly on glass for a great finish.

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