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Highly effective, economical and BIODEGRADABLE graffiti remover for painted and sensitive surface applications. Completely removes felt pen, wax crayons and spray can paints from painted and sensitive surfaces. Ideal for the removal of spray can paints, felt tip markers, permanent markers, crayons, ballpoint pens and other marks from: painted and coated walls, signs, chairs, whiteboards, newspaper dispensers, restroom dividers, desks, Australia post drop boxes, commercial/ real estate/ road signs, signal control boxes, playground structures, cars, trucks, trailers, equipment, bus stops, powder coat, plastics and acrylics plus many more. Apply the remover by using a small nylon bristled paint brush onto small areas of graffiti at a time. Agitate with the tip of your brush as if you were writing with it. When the graffiti has dissolved, wipe the area clean with a damp cloth. Longer dwell times may be required for removing stubborn graffiti. 1 litre will remove up to approx. 50 sq mtrs of typical graffiti.

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