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EnviroBioCleaner is a multi-purpose liquid concentrate that literally breaks down the molecular bonds that holds oil together. This effective and versatile cleaner is utilised as an industrial strength degreaser as well as an amazing multi-use cleaner. The cleaning potential of this product is virtually limitless.

Use on most water safe surfaces, including:

• Oil (Diesel/Gasoline) Stained Concrete
• Pump Islands
• Engine Degreasing
• Pumps, Motors, Parts Cleaning
• Brake Dust
• Whitewalls
• Wheels
• Rims
• Oil Slick Floors
• Carpet Cleaning
• Stubborn Carpet Stains
• Grease Trap Maintenance
• General Bathroom Cleaning
• Sinks, Floors, Walls
• Counters, Mats, Runners
• Plastic & Vinyl Surfaces
• Signs, Awnings, Canopies
• Stainless Steel & Aluminum

APPLICATION General Use: Allow product to penetrate soil. Agitate severe stains if needed. Scrub remaining surfaces and then rinse thoroughly.

Steam Cleaning/Pressure Washing: Hot or Cold Pressure Wash a pre-mixed solution of EBC can be drawn from auxiliary tube or put directly into mixing tank and applied to the substrate at your desired ratio. We suggest you check your Venturi ratio prior to commencement.

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